Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!


Sweet Olivia,

What an amazing year it has been getting to know you!  I now know why grandparents have wrinkles – it’s because we can’t stop smiling when we’re with our grandchildren.  I love watching you explore and learn as you interact with the world.  You’ve already learned how to walk, how to make some animal sounds (monkeys sure are fun), and you’ve started to say some words.  You are our little trailblazer: first child, first grandchild, first great-grandchild, and first girl in 3 generations in the McMurray family.  You are happy, healthy, and so very sweet – and we thank God daily for you.

I love how you wave at everyone

I love how you clap along with anyone else you see or hear clapping

I love how you dance when you hear music

I love how you blow sweet kisses and give precious hugs

I love how you smile and get excited when someone you know walks into a room

I love how you carry your baby doll around with you

I love how adventurous you are with eating any type of food

I love how you tackle your teddy bears

I love how you jabber to yourself when riding in the car

I love how you play so hard but need snuggle breaks

I love how you smile when you see yourself in the mirror

I love how you get giggly sometimes when you’re tired

You turn 1-year-old tomorrow and you’ve already figured out how to have a healthy, happy life – I truly pray that you don’t unlearn these things.  You are friendly, encouraging, adventurous, confident, caring, charismatic, and happy.  I should aspire to be more like you Olivia – except the baby doll and teddy bear stuff….







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