First Date

Today marks the twenty-eighth anniversary my first date with my wife.  At 14 and 15 years of age, first dates really aren’t dates, but it was a memorable evening.  Our first date was a church lock-in that was cut short by a snowstorm.  I don’t really know what all the youth sponsors had planned, but it probably didn’t involve snowball fights.  While neither of us actually attended Boones Creek Christian Church, Erica’s youth group had arranged to use their old gym for the lock-in.  This was back when the old gym was the only gym and the church was across the street.  The only organized activity I remember from that evening was a youth group version of spin the bottle (2-liter in this case).  The 2-liter was filled with little slips of paper that were basically tasks or dares that the person to whom the bottle was pointing to had to perform.  I think it only landed on me once and my task was to sing Love me Tender by Elvis Presley.  This was my first attempt at being an Elvis impersonator (there has only been one other attempt), but apparently it was enough.  Like all relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs, but the “downs” have made the “ups” all the better.


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